Erika Lagerbielke

Erika Lagerbielke is the queen of Orrefors stemware. No other designer has created as many series of stemware for Orrefors and no one has matched her success in doing so. Her successes include Intermezzo, Merlot and Difference, which have all received accolades for their designs.

The key to Erika’s success is probably her great love of glassmaking craftsmanship and her knowledge of the different characteristics of various drinks. The glasses are carefully designed to bring out the characteristics (scent, taste) of the particular wine for which they are intended. We can vouch for this from experience, having attended a superb demonstration given by Erika herself.


Lena Bergström

Lena Bergström is one of Sweden’s most award-winning and productive designers. Utility glass, art glass, lighting, textiles, jewellery and decoration of public spaces – nothing seems impossible for Lena. With an infectious personality and love of the materials and craftsmanship, she approaches each assignment with the same energy. Lena’s visual vocabulary is like her: soft, hard, feminine, masculine, modern and beautiful – all at the same time. She always bases her work on the properties of the material and constantly tries to find new forms of expression in cooperation. With the skilled glassmakers at Orrefors. Lena values a votive produced in large numbers just as highly as limited-edition art glass.

Ingegerd Råman

Ingegerd Råman is one of the prominent figures in Swedish design. Timelessness and simplicity are the key words in her work. Her artistry is not showy, yet right on the mark, and she makes objects that she herself likes. Her creations are utility items focusing on food, drink and the set table. She aims to streamline and focus her designs, yet retain a feeling of pleasure and beauty in the object; otherwise simplicity and streamlining become a pitfall. “A jar with a lid is a jar with a lid, but there has to be warmth, thought, an idea and poetry behind it,” Ingegerd explains.

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